9 People In California Are Facing Misdemeanors For Feeding The Homeless

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NBC MIAMINine people are now facing misdemeanor charges in El Cajon, California, after handing out food to the homeless Sunday. Volunteers and groups showed up to Wells Park to hand out food, clothes, shoes and toiletries.

El Cajon police wrote up citations to each person handing out food, including 14-year-old Ever Parmley. “I was passing out food and this guy was like can you step aside please,” she told NBC 7.

They were each charged with a misdemeanor for violating El Cajon municipal code 1.28.010. The ordinance prohibits “food sharing” in public spaces, which includes City parks.

Charles Marks tells NBC 7, “I’ve been given a court date under the impression this represents being arrested on a misdemeanor, but it’s just a citation.” Back in October, El Cajon City Council passed an ordinance that restricts residents from food sharing. The ordinance came at the height of the Hepatitis A outbreak.

Councilmember Ben Kalasho tells NBC 7,“what we’re saying is feeding them at city parks is a bad idea given the situation that we’re in with the hepatitis A outbreak and the fact that it makes the place completely messy afterward.

Finally California is cracking down on the real criminals. 14-year-olds who are trying to help the homeless. It’s a pretty interesting law. “Don’t feed the homeless.” Like they are some kind of ornery zoo animal that will get ravenous if it has any human food. That flocks of homeless people will descend on any little bits of food like pigeons. I understand the motivation, that the homeless will not use government programs if they are given free food. It’s still stupid.

The local reasoning is hilarious too. “Don’t feed the homeless. They leave their eating stations messy after they’re done.” Yes, yes, better they starve. If you can’t clean up your food area, then you’ll have no food to begin win. The messiness and the hepatitis A. But still, how do these lawmakers think hep A is going around? Do they think it’s leprosy? Do they think that the homeless are literally biting the hands that feed them like ravenous squirrels with rabies or brain-crazed zombies? Or are they simply that messy eaters that the hepatitis is flying out of their mouths like buckshot, landing in the orifices of every poor bastard in their way.

In either case I applaud what the lawmakers are doing here and we owe a tip of hat to the boys in blue for enforcing this. I feel as uncomfortable as anyone when approached by a homeless person, equipped with the fact that I have money and I do not wish to give it to them.