North Korean Diplomat (Dennis Rodman) Got Another DUI This Weekend And Is Most Likely Going To Jail

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Source –   Dennis Rodman’s DUI problems have gone from bad to worse … because he was on probaton during his arrest on Saturday — and it likely means he’ll be thrown in the slammer.

The probation stems from a plea deal Rodman struck over a July 2016 wrong way crash — where he was going the wrong way on an Orange County, CA freeway, struck a car and allegedly fled the scene. Witnesses also saw him drinking at a karaoke bar before the crash but he was not charged with DUI for that incident.

However, Rodman was placed on 3 years probation with the condition he stay out of trouble. It was a good deal for Rodman, considering he was facing up to 2 years in prison.

Officials will likely revoke his probation in the wake of the new arrest and he could be sent to prison for the full 2 years he was originally due to serve in the wrong way crash case PLUS any additional time for the new arrest.

Bad timing, Dennis. The world is on the brink of nuclear war and you’re the only guy who can stop it. How are you supposed to talk North Korea out of launching a missile if you’re in prison? Be smarter, idiot. Humanity is on the line. That said, it could be a good thing he’s going to prison, right? Like, he’s been a certified crazy person for as long as I can remember, he needs to do some reflecting. Take a long hard look in the mirror and ask himself, “who is Dennis Rodman?” Is he the crazed alcoholic we saw misspelling the future First Lady’s name on Celebrity Apprentice?

Is he the rebounding machine of mid nineties?

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Or some sort of mixed gender combination?

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Hot. Whatever the case, he needs to figure it out because his way of living isn’t sustainable. He’s fifty-six years old and drinks like a fish. If he keeps it up he’ll end up dead. I think it’s safe to assume he’s had his share of mental health struggles as well. The whole situation is sad. Hopefully his latest arrest serves as a wake up call, although I doubt it will.