A West Virginia Player Swung At A Texas Tech Fan Storming The Court

Only thing that’s shocking about this is that it doesn’t happen more often.  I mean you’ve got these D1 athletes who just worked their ass off for an entire game only to have their hearts ripped out at the end walking off the court as fans of the other team sprint at them, bump them and yell trash talk at them.  How have more players not lost their cool and knocked some motherfuckers out?  Crazy.

I’m a pretty big court storming guy.  I think it’s wayyyy overused these days, but running on the court to celebrate with your guys after a massive win is what college is all about.  But you do so at your own risk, like the risk that you’ll get clocked in the face.

In recent years, multiple Power Five leagues have been vocal about their concerns over court-storming and created new precautionary policies to address them. Bob Bowlsby, Big 12 commissioner, instituted a new policy in 2015 that grants him broad power to punish schools that fail to prevent fans from storming the court after upsets by fining them or even removing home games from future conference schedules.

Earlier that year, Bill Self and his players got trapped in a court storm after a Kansas loss at rival Kansas State. A Kansas State fan bumped Jamari Traylor in the postgame scrum.

“We are certainly most interested in the safety of our participants and would include home team, visiting team, officials, table crew and the like,” Bowlsby said then. “And we have pretty good video evidence of all our big events so we can review them.” [ESPN]

PS – Wins over Kansas and now WVU.  Pretty nice season for Tech so far.