Let's Be Honest With Ourselves, Markelle Fultz Looks Like Trash And His Jumper Sucks

Can we stop pretending? There was a time when I didn’t even want to touch this story. I didn’t want the national media and the Sixers fanbase turning on Markelle Fultz, because I truly believe most of his problems come from mental fragility. I believe it is a sports psychology issue, or as Mickstape reported, the yips.

I am fully aware that bringing attention to the thing that is psychologically plaguing a young player can only exacerbate those problems. But shouldn’t the Sixers know this too? By marching him out in front of the media, the are essentially washing their hands of Fultz. “Look, his shoulder is healed, he just can’t shoot.” They couldn’t hide him any longer.

Players have second acts in their career. I am not calling Markelle Fultz a bust. Philadelphia made the mistake of calling Brandon Graham a bust for years, all the while pining for Earl Thomas. This year, the Eagles are in the NFC Championship and the Seahawks didn’t make the playoffs, and while it’s not a perfect equivalency, it illustrates the point that some players progress at different paces.

This simply indicates that Fultz is going to need the second act of his career much sooner. The one where he shoots and makes jump shots. Coley just said his motion looks like he’s holding down the “shoot” button in 2k. He goes up loading up, comes down loading up, gives a little push and then shoots.

It is past the time of kiddie gloves. He’s a pro, making millions of dollars, and a player for whom the Sixers traded two top picks. It doesn’t look good. I accept the fact that Markelle Fultz, as a 19-year-old, might not be psychologically advanced enough to be an impact NBA player. But the onus is on him to recognize that an not put himself in a position to be billed as a top player in the draft. Don’t enter the draft if you’re not ready. Not to mention the onus being on the Sixers to assess a player and be aware of such red flags. Fultz is a pro, he’s paid like one, and one of the things that comes with that is scrutiny, not just from the media, but from the fans. He will either be forged by fire or rendered an ashy corpse. Lets hope it’s the former.

Just months ago Markelle Fultz could shoot a basketball. Now, sadly, he cannot.

Luckily, the Sixers are already blessed with two players who should be All Stars for years to come.


So remember folks, get those votes in.

And let us not forget the gawd.