For The First Time Ever, Stoolies Are Being Asked To Name A Stoolie's Baby

So we received this question a few weeks ago and discussed it on today’s podcast

Naming discussion starts at 29:40

Barstool bloggers actually being put in charge of naming a child is as much an honor as it is terrifying. Terrifying for us that we can have that big of a hand in molding someone’s life, since a name makes a person. The difference between being named Matt or Lorace . It is also terrifying that someone would actually put their kid’s name in the hands of a couple of idiots with some microphones and a podcast. I was actually worried about the dog names that would be picked out when Chaps ran his K9 For Warriors fundraiser and it’s hard to actually screw up a dog’s name. However being asked to help name a child is obviously quite an honor as well.

But we are passing this along to the Stoolies partially because we are all one big Barstool family, partially because I don’t want to be 25% responsible for a kid’s name, and mostly because the thought of Stoolies naming a human being was far too hilarious to pass up. As we mentioned in the podcast, we eliminated the name Fallon because I hate Jimmy Fallon for being an annoying fraud that has been a Mets, Yankees AND Red Sox fan during different points of his life. Plus there are some very ugly puns that can be used with the name Fallon. But the other 4 made the cut and can be voted on below (in poll form because we have to respect Wes’ four finalists and we don’t want any internet write-ins like Baby McBabyface that Wes’ wife would probably kibosh immediately).