Paige VanZant Broke Her Arm In The First Round Of Her Fight Last Night, And Went The Distance Using Only Left Jabs And Kicks

Here’s the shot that did it:

A lot of MMA purists really hate Paige VanZant and the UFC’s promotion of her. They have forever, and give credence to her claim that she’s bullied because of how good looking she is. They use her looks against her, and against the UFC, and say she’s not a real fighter and she’s doing this for fame. It’s a ridiculous mindset and anyone with a brain will realize that, especially when you consider how much sacrifice goes into the sport, and her insanely bloody/gruesome fight against the now Strawweight Champion Rose Namajunas, but that’s MMA fans for you. They’re kinda the worst.

Last night, she showed some tremendous heart, and hopefully proved doubters wrong when she broke her arm on Jessica-Rose Clark’s head in the first round of their fight, and went the distance with one arm and two legs. She even won the third round throwing exclusively left jabs and kicks! I’ll tell you what…that’s a fighter. Paige got on the stool after the second round, told her coaches that her arm was broken, and he said “Well you’re losing so you need to knock her out in the third.” She went out there for the final round, and threw everything she physically could at Clark. Somebody doing this “for the fame” wouldn’t do that. Paige, love her or hate her, is a fighter as much as anyone in the company, and I just wanted to give some props.