After Starting His Career By Playing 830 Consecutive Games, Andrew Cogliano Gets Suspended And His Iron Man Streak Comes To An End

Anaheim Ducks v New Jersey Devils

Andrew Cogliano made his NHL debut with the Edmonton Oilers on October 4, 2007. Since then, he was never once scratched, never missed a game due to injury, and hasn’t missed a single game in his career. His 830 consecutive games played was the 4th longest streak in league history. On Friday, it was announced that Andrew Cogliano signed a 3-year contract extension with the Ducks worth $3.25M AAV. Considering NHL seasons are 82 games long, it wasn’t too difficult to see Cogliano reach 1000 consecutive games played by the end of this new contract. That is, of course, until this hit against on Adrian Kempe Saturday night.

Now for starters, yes, this is a dirt bag hit. Clearly it looks a whole lot worse when it’s in slow motion but there’s not a way you can watch this hit and come out of it saying that Andrew Cogliano doesn’t deserve any sort of supplemental discipline. Even at full speed, this is just a bad hit.

He had his eyes locked on Kempe since at least the red line. He saw that the puck was clearly off of his stick and he still took a couple of strides into him before burying his shoulder into Kempe’s face. That’s not good to say the least.

But here’s the question. Is this hit bad enough to warrant ending the 4th longest playing streak in league history? I’ve seen plenty of worse hits in this league only come away with the player getting fined. You’d think that a player like Andrew Cogliano who has no history of being a dirt ball would get some sort of benefit of the doubt on this ruling, but no. 2 game suspension and just like that, his 830 game Iron Man streak comes to an end.

Any who–I guess it’s better than the alternative of him getting injured, no? The streak had to come to an end at some point. Better to take 2 games off now with a suspension than ending up on IR for a few weeks with a lower body injury. It’s also better for this streak to come to an end due to a suspension than whenever he inevitably ends up getting healthy scratched later down the road. Father Time is undefeated. At some point in every player’s career, they just don’t have it anymore. That time came for Gordie, that time came for Gretzky, that time will come for Andrew Cogliano at some point or another. The only thing worse than his streak coming to an end via healthy scratch would be getting benched in favor of Geno Smith after starting 210 consecutive games.