How Can You Not Love Robby Blake Bortles?


No quarterback that I can remember gets shit on like Blake Bortles. Players around the league take shots at him when they aren’t even playing the Jaguars. It’s wild. Fact of the matter is that Blake is doing exactly what is asked of him. Yesterday in my preview blog, I said that Blake would have throw for 210 and 2 touchdowns for the Jaguars to win. Along with that, he’d have to commit no turnovers. Well, he got 214 and 1. Luckily Fournette had 3 touchdowns so that made up for it. Blake had no turnovers and learned how to blow smoke! Very exciting.

Blakes haters, of which there are many, could and will say that he didn’t do much to really help the team win. Blake made plays that the old Blake wouldn’t have. He took what was there. Didnt hold on to the ball too long to take an unnecessary sake. He didnt force the ball over the middle into crowded areas. He managed the game.

The Jaguars guys believe him too. Finally.

So to everybody who didn’t love Blake from the start, you can sit at home and watch him next week.

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