Credit Where Due: The Steelers Skill Players Made Some Unreal Plays Yesterday

Yesterday was such a wild ride of a game but a little credit where due action. The Jaguars have pro bowlers and 1st and 2nd team All Pros at corner. The Steelers are just incredible at the skill positions. Big Ben was putting the ball in perfect spots over and over again.

AJ Bouye was in great position there. They were both hand checking some so there’s no call. Antonio Brown makes the one-handed grab with AJ Bouye’s arm caught with the ball. That was the first touchdown that Bouye gave up in coverage all year. ALL YEAR.

Next one. Not as great of a catch but a great call and throw. Gipson cant let the receiver get behind him. The Steelers cut the lead to 14 to head into the half. They deferred to open the game so I thought the game would soon be really tight.

The next one is a wheel route to Bell. Telvin Smith was a blanket in coverage. Bell is just the best receiving running back in the league and he made a great play. Another dime from Big Ben and a difficult catch converted.

Antonio Brown again. AJ Bouye gave up his second touchdown of the game and the second of the year. Brown gets position and shows off his strong-ass hands.


Still lost tho. Succ it.