Police Find Out The Hard Way That If You Tase A Guy While Pepper Spraying Him He WILL Catch On Fire

Source –   A man caught fire after police simultaneously tasered and sprayed him with tear gas.

In the video, which may be disturbing for some to watch, Paris police are seen confronting a shirtless suspect who is insulting and threatening the officers. They ask the man to calm down and stop, before he is struck by one officer’s baton.

The man is then tasered, and he catches fire. The officer who uses the taser can be heard asking who sprayed the gas as he rushes to douse the flames. Police told France TV the man was not badly injured.

You know what’s worse than getting tased and pepper sprayed at the same time? Getting tased, pepper sprayed, and lit on fire. I consider myself an expert in police weaponry, that’s what comes with surfing the Internet ten hours a day, but I’ve never seen anything even remotely close to this. The only person more surprised than me was the cop who shot the taser. Talk about an “oh shit” moment. Not only did his amount of paperwork double, he had to put the fire out with his bare hands. Which had to have been equal parts painful and nauseating. Bath salt addicts aren’t a clean people.  If I’m the cop I’m chopping my hands clean off. No amount of Purell can erase that level of filth.

That said, the real victim here is the the suspect. Regardless of if he felt it or not, no one deserves to get lit on fire. On the bright side,  he’s got a strong case for a lawsuit. Probably stronger than if he got shot. Which would never happen in France considering most police don’t carry firearms. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cellino and Barnes already reached out to get the wheels moving.  It’s not a head-on or a T-bone crash but chances are they’d take the case. There’s a lot of money in police brutality. Hopefully he has a speedy recovery so he can get back to doing what he does best: angrily wandering the streets of Paris high on glue.