The New Orleans Times-Picayune Absolutely Nailed Their Headline For Yesterday's Saints Loss


Perfect. Absolutely perfect. When I saw that headline, along with that brutal pic of the Saints players watching their season get murdered, I went into full Antonio Banderas gif mode.

Actually here’s a much more realistic recreation of my reaction.

The Front Page Picassos at the New York tabloids couldn’t have written a better headline themselves. There is no way you can sum up a fan base’s collective misery better than with those three words. Fuck (Diggs caught it). FUCK (Diggs is off to the races). FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!! (Diggs just ended our season in absolutely, positively heartbreaking fashion with no time left on the clock in a play that will be shown a kabillion times over the next 48 hours). You can see the last FUCK still freshly on the faces of these poor Saints fans that watched that execution in person.


Now that I think of it, maybe all three expletives aren’t Fuck. I’m personally a big F-bomb guy because it is so strong yet so versatile. “Fuck” is pretty much LeBron in his absolute prime. But you can convince me that some fans sprinkled in a few other curses into their three-word rant. SHIT! (Diggs caught the ball). ASSHOLE! (Directed at Marcus Williams for missing the tackle and letting Diggs run free). FUCK! (Our season is over and I am blackout drunk after drinking all day in New Orleans and tomorrow is going to be the longest day of my life, please kill me now God). I imagine it’s going to be a rough day down in the Bayou. One of those days where nobody goes near a sports website or TV station and if you bring up the game at work, everyone at the office tells you to go fuck yourself. I don’t even blame the Saints fans that decide to skip the rest of the playoffs. Missing out on a chance to take on a Nick Foles-led team with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line is absolutely brutal. Expletive, expletive, expletive indeed.

P.S. Any Panthers fans that live in New Orleans should definitely buy today’s paper after the Times-Picayune boom roasted their asses last week.