Class Act: Shoutout to Saints Punter Thomas Morstead Who Broke His Ribs In The 1st Quarter, Played Through The Pain, and Ran Back On The Field For The Meaningless PAT At The End

So I think something that got lost in the chaos of Stefon Diggs’ jaw dropping, walk-off TD last night was Saints punter Thomas Morstead. In the first quarter Morstead chased down Marcus Sherels on an early punt return.

First off, it was a hell of a tackle, and one that saved a possible touchdown at the time. As his body smashed on the field after running full speed, Morstead was in visible pain.

First punt of the game and you break multiple ribs, TOUGH BREAK. What’d my guy do? He toughed it out for all 60 minutes, giving his team whatever he could, clearly in massive pain after every boot. If he came out at any point that would’ve been a HUGE disadvantage for New Orleans considering you don’t carry a backup punter ever, but he stayed in like a champ. I’d imagine if he were unable to play the place kicker Will Lutz would’ve seen some action which obviously would’ve been problematic. Rip punters all you want, but if you go suit up and step on an NFL field with broken ribs that’s as good as it gets. I’ve never broken my ribs cause I played baseball my whole life and you’re not gonna break your ribs playing baseball unless you get in a massive brawl let’s face it. From all accounts I’ve ever heard, you simply can’t breathe and it’s unimaginably painful. Everything I’ve already written is worthy of a blog, but what this man did at the end of the game is really what impressed me.

So Diggs beats Marcus Williams as time expires and ends the Saints season. Everyone goes NUTS on the field, reporters all over the place, Vikings players celebrating everywhere, photographer littered all over the field as no one seemed to realize the dumb NFL rule where you have to kick/attempt the XP in any case of a buzzer beating touchdown in regulation. That meant everyone had to get off the field, and the Vikings had to line up for the meaningless (unless you had Vegas implications) PAT which they were kneeing anyways. The Vikings scrapped together 11 guys to take the snap while the entire Saints team had already ventured to the locker room because it had literally been 10 minutes since Diggs ran into the end zone. Out of the tunnel came a few Saints players to show some real class and get on the field for the final snap. Who was the first guy out on the field? Thomas Fucking Morstead. The guy has broken ribs and is the PUNTER, but here’s my guy showing the Vikings players a ton of class that I’m not sure many of us have. I was stunned when I heard Joe Buck say his name as he led the Saints back on the field. He absolutely didn’t need to do that, especially with his injury, but that’s part of the brand folks. Good on you Thomas, put some ice on those ribs and take a nice painkiller or three.