Liverpool Is The Second Best Football Team In The World (Behind The Patriots)

Not sure if our audience was watching but Liverpool just ran riot on Manchester City, the best team in the EPL, and gave them their first loss of the season. Absolute, absolute bloodbath except for that part at then end where Man City made it a game. I know people think soccer is boring and I agree with them on occasion but when it’s good it is fucking great and that was the latter. Hope these teams meet in the playoff because sports don’t get more entertaining than that game (cue soccer diehards getting mad, shut up and get a real playoff. Champions League doesn’t count). “Rock and roll futbol” is how it was described by the analysts after and if you can’t get down with that then you need your head checked. Coutinho who?

PS – Can’t with a match like that and not put shirts on sale

PPS – Van Dijk didn’t even play lmaooooo