Giants Rumored To Have Missed Out On Josh McDaniels And Matt Patricia

Giants fans after reading those tweets:

I’ll be the first to admit that these are all still a bunch of rumors. I blogged about the report of Matt Patricia being the big favorite for the Giants job a few days ago, which is starting to look like a bunch of bullshit. But nonetheless, I felt like these rumors should be blogged since a lot of #GiantsTwitter is running around like Chicken Little right now.

I would have loved having a bearded brainiac like Matt Patricia coaching the Giants while wearing a Goodell clown shirt underneath his Giants jacket. Thinking about the amount of merch we could have moved during a successful Matty Patty Era makes me want to cry. And Josh McDaniels may coach the greatest quarterback and tight end in NFL history. But his offense still puts up numbers and he may have learned from some of his mistakes during his Broncos tenure before returning to New England and finishing up his PhD in head coaching from BB, HC of the NEP.

But it looks like neither of them will be coming to the Meadowlands. In fact, the one finalist (again, rumors) that seems to be remaining is Pat Shurmur. The same guy that went 9-23 with the Browns. Actually, is that even a negative? Hue Jackson has gone 1-31 with the Browns over the last two seasons and he is scheduled to be coming back next season. Maybe going 9-23 with the Browns is like going .500 with regular NFL teams. Shurmur also was the offensive coordinator that had Sam Bradford looking like a future stud during his rookie season, the OC during the still-ridiculous Nick Foles 27 TD, 2 INT season, and has Case Keenum one win away from the NFC Championship game. And if you don’t think I can talk myself into a guy from the fruitful Andy Reid NFL Coaching Tree instead of the barren Bill Belichick NFL Coaching Tree, you haven’t had to talk yourself into anything NFL-related in your life.

Sure having two of the hottest coaching names go somewhere other than the Giants hurts. Especially since the defense is almost a turn-key D and the G-Men own the number 2 pick in a draft that some see as having multiple potential franchise QBs. But, ummmmm, not sure what the bright side of this was supposed to be. The Giants getting passed over for the motherfucking Detroit Lions and for the participation banner-hanging Colts, whose franchise QB may or may not still have a right arm, especially hurts. It’s definitely a sobering wake up call about just how appealing the Giants coaching job, with a locker room that some may see as terrifying, truly is.

Or, or, orrrrrrrrrrr maybe the Giants know that Bill Belichick is definitely coming back home!

Again, just let me dream guys. I know it’s probably not happening but I love watching that video. Plus Bill would never do that to his friend Nick Saban.



Again, I know that’s probably not happening. Somebody hold me. This season was a nightmare and the offseason is starting to be more of the same. Time to stir up some drama and see if we can land ourselves a quality head coach despite being the first NFL team to have a job opening this season.