Josh Pastner Files Lawsuit Against Ron Bell for Blackmail, Extortion and Threats


[CBS Sports] - “Ronald Bell and Jennifer Pendley have threatened Josh and his family on numerous occasions, falsely alleging that Josh was aware of NCAA violations and in violation of NCAA rules and, when the threat of exposing these false NCAA violations did not result in a monetary payout for Mr. Bell and Ms. Pendley, they moved on, more incredulously, to falsely claim that Josh had assaulted Ms.
Pendley on multiple occasions,” read a statement from attorneys Scott Palumbo and Scott Tompsett. “Their release of information that they knew was materially false, inaccurate and misleading, has done great harm. Their allegations are fabricated and false.”

So if you remember right before the season started news broke of Ron Bell providing extra benefits to Georgia Tech players. Bell, a longtime friend of Pastner, provided CBS Sports with text messages, receipts and photos of these allegations. If you want to read the whole thing, just click here.

The accusations led to the suspensions of Josh Okogie for six games and Tadric Jackson for three games. This is just another absolutely insane story in what’s been a crazy ass year for college basketball starting with the FBI investigation and corruption charges, then is Michael Porter Jr., going to play or not and now this whole situation.

This season has ultimately been a letdown for Georgia Tech, a team that many thought would make the jump to the NCAA Tournament after being a surprise team last year making the NIT. You have to think this may have played some role in that as Pastner’s mind is likely elsewhere and missing games with Okogie and Jackson led to losses.