Fellas, Let's Start Wearing Some Good Ole Fashioned Purses!

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As you know, I’ve been in the market for some leather lately. Handbags. Luggage. Duffles. The whole nine yards. Since I’ve started blogging full time, I know that I might be out and about somewhere and need to take some notes, pictures, or even a few sketches so that I can write an appropriate blog about what I observe. But alas, my pockets can only be so full!

My pockets would be brimming with rubbage and creating uncomfortable car rides. I’d have to dig in my pockets like I was back in the 5th grade and experiencing my first twinges of a real-life erection. Just not good.

That’s when I saw a woman across the way. She was carrying a bag. I thought to myself, “I bet her Ole Mary Poppins Head Ass could fit so much stuff in her lovely purse. It’s leather to boot. Incredible. Hand crafted? Possibly. The stitching is divine.” The stitching can really make or break any purse. Trust me. I’ve done the research.

Now, I’ve been telling some of my friends about my desire to carry a purse. These fellas are like, “Hey Chaps, uhhh purses are for women, dude. Spoiler alert: you have a dick.” I found that offensive too. You’re not alone in that feeling.

I’m all like, “what? You cant be serious. It’s a noun describing an object, Bro Montana. There’s no gender of a bag.”

“Just call it a satchel. You’ll be gucci if you call it a satchel.” Nice one, Indiana.

In the words of me on twitter earlier today and literally no one else has ever said this, “if a rose is called by any other name, does it not still smell as sweet?” Whoa. Deep shit. Swimming pool. Let’s dive in more. I don’t care what you call it. I’ll be stunting all over the joint soon enough with a purse as deep as the state. It’ll be no conspiracy that I’m well-stocked, well-cocked, and ready to rock a blog at a moment’s notice. Simple as that, boys. It’s #PurseSZN.