Texas Tech Sorority Girl Interrogated By TSA For Throwing Up The "Finger Gun" Salute To A Fan In The Airport

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NYDNTSA is not a fan of Texas Tech’s “finger gun” salute.

A 19-year-old sophomore from Texas Tech said she was pulled aside by a TSA agent when trying to board a flight over the holidays because she made a gun gesture to a man wearing a Red Raiders sweatshirt.

Diana Durkin told BuzzFeed News Texas Tech fans say “wreck em’ and guns up” to each other when they see each other, and their hand symbol is a finger gun. When she did this at the airport, the man gave her a strange look and TSA stepped in.

“It’s a cool bonding thing. I tried to make eye contact with him and I throw my hand gun up,” Durkin said.

TSA tapped Durkin on the shoulder and pulled her out of line, asking for her ID. Durkin said the agent told her she can’t make a gesture like that in the airport.

“I’m just sitting there, almost in tears, like, ‘No, I’m just really dumb, I’m not a terrorist!'” Durkin said.

The 19-year-old was then given a full screening and a pat down. She said she tried showing TSA her student ID and attempted to explain the gesture.

If this girl doesn’t have “I’m not a terrorist, I’m just really dumb” on a T-shirt showing up to class on Monday that’s a huge missed opportunity.  Great line.  Great self awareness, which is really all you can ask from someone making gun-shooting signs in the middle of an airport, a place that ranks right up at #1 on the list of “places you can’t make gun-shooting signs.”  But whatever.  There’s nothing better than college school spirit and being a die hard fan of your football team, so at a certain point it’s just instinct.  See a Tech shirt, point at it and shoot.  Yell WRECK EM as you grab your bag and try to stuff your laptop back in and put your belt and watch on and get your shoes on your feet before the next carryon comes barreling through to crush all your shit and the impatient asshole behind you huffs loudly that you’re taking too long.  That’s just life as a traveling Red Raiders fan.


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