This Weekend Family Guy Will Air It's 300th(!!!) Episode

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NY Post - “Family Guy” marks its landmark 300th episode this Sunday at 9 p.m. on Fox — and, somewhere in the cartoon universe, Quahog residents will be gathering in The Drunken Clam to toast the hometown Griffin family.

It’s just another episode in the life of the irreverent “Family Guy” characters in a series boasting its own colorful past. Created by Seth MacFarlane, “Family Guy” originally aired on Fox from 1999-2002, before returning to the network for Season 4 in 2005 due to overwhelming demand (and skyrocketing DVD sales). It even inspired a four-season spinoff, “The Cleveland Show,” starring Peter’s pal, Cleveland Brown (who returned to Quahog, and to “Family Guy,” after his starring turn).


300 episodes, holy cow. To put it in perspective, the rookie class in the NBA right now was 1 years old when Family Guy debuted in 1999. The #GoPresGo crowd wasn’t even born yet. And now, 19 years later, with a brief hiatus in between when it was canceled, Family Guy is turning 300 episodes years old.

And the thing is, Family Guy still goes. I know a lot of people my age don’t really keep up with it anymore, but if you ever randomly find yourself watching the show, it still brings the laughs.

There was that weird time when South Park thought it was better than Family Guy because Family Guy uses random cutaways, and I always thought that was bullshit to dislike a show because they found a different way of doing comedy. The absurdness of the random cutaways is what allows Family Guy to be different, be so over the top, and so funny. I mean they literally did a musical called “Prom Night Dumpster Baby”….would love to see how that would go over now


The characters have all become icons in their own right, especially the supporting ones like Quagmire


All in all, I think we sleep on Family Guy, but I’d like to give it a tip o’ my cap for being so funny for so long.