Larry Nance Jr's Alley-Oop Last Night Was Goddamn Ridiculous

The worst part about being an NBA fan on the East Coast the last few years was missing Steph Curry do video game glitch things as the Warriors grinded teams into dust. But now that we are all kinda used to the Warriors being a cheat code, especially with Kevin Durant, one of the biggest things that sucks about being 3 hours ahead is missing some of the shit this fun, young, definitely not good (yet) Lakers team does. Lonzo Ball is filling the stat sheet like his dad fills ESPN programming. Kyle Kuzma exciting player that looks like he may become a stud. And Larry Nance Jr. is still doing Larry Nance Jr. things. Like doing crazy ass dunks with his Go Go Gadget arms like Grant Hill’s National Championship dunk.

A dunk contest without Larry Nance Jr. would be like a dunk contest without LeBron James. Actually that’s a bad example because LeBron James was a coward that refused to ever enter the dunk contest. But Larry Nance is still a dunking monster and has been begging to be in this year’s dunk contest. Such a no-brainer. I mean look at the pictures of that dunk.




Even NBA players that spend God knows how much time playing basketball with fellow physical freaks don’t know how to process this dunk.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope looks like he just saw a ghost.


LaMarcus Aldridge can’t believe his lying eyes.


Adam Silver needs to put fellow alien Larry Nance Jr. in the dunk contest and he needs to do it yesterday!

But the best part of this video was after the dunk. Is raising the roof making a comeback?!?

FUCK. YES. Raising the roof was one celly I could do better than most. Not even a hint of awkward whiteboyness in my form. We need to bring that back alongside Who Let The Dogs Out and the Macarena. Oh yeah and the Randy Moss split the defense. Probably my favorite celebration ever.