Don Lemon: Not A Trump Guy.

Well SOMEBODY decided to try and make 2018 his year!  Don Lemon, apparently sick of being called the worst reporter on TV for like, 5 years running and deciding to switch up the approach a little bit.  Make a splash in a different way.  And make a splash he did.


Woke up to an entire Twitter feed full of Don Lemon’s sassy angry face.

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 9.02.53 AM

He was not fucking around.

Meanwhile it was an all around WILD night on CNN.  My personal highlight:

“I will gut you like a fish!”


And sneaky good comeback – “you can tweet whatever you want to your 500 followers.”  The follower count insult – an oldie but goodie.

Meanwhile Phil Mudd was out here just shooting his shot all over the place.


Phil Mudd – not afraid of using some slurs to get a point across.  Risky!

Something tells me CNN may be getting honored heavily at this year’s Fake News Media awards.