ANNOUNCEMENT: Barstool Will Be Invincible At 'Fortnite' By The End Of The Week

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 3.41.02 PM

Fortnite. It’s what’s hot on the video game streets as of late (along with PUBG but we’re waiting on a PC before we dive into that dank). And there’s a reason for it…Fortnite legitimately funner than fuck:

Long story short, we want in. Not only do we want in, we want to squad up with Stoolies and dominate. Assuming we don’t get interrupted live by the news of another co-worker’s family going extinct (bold assumption), tomorrow at 3pm Barstool bloggers will streaming from the office. To expedite the domination process of greatness, I need help conquering the Nite. I’ve dabbled a bit, but I want to team up with, dance against, and get help/hate from Stoolies tonight at 7:30pm on

Friend @SmittyBarstool, @BarstoolOffice, and @TheClemReport on PS4 and squad up. By all accounts it will be “Lit”.

PS – Soon, as in next week, we’re hoping to get all of the Barstool personalities who game hooked up with a home set up to broadcast on Twitch. We’re talking Big Cat and Riggsy soldiering it up on Call Of Duty on Xbox. Myself, Dev, Clem, Frankie Borelli, and Dear Ol’ Uncle Chaps doing the same and more on PS4. Either come watch or play with or against the big dogs. Lotta good stuff coming soon, and the possibilities will be limitless.