Guys Says He Was Fired For Turning Down His Boss's Advances After She Grabbed His Dick And Said She's Better In Bed Than His Wife

Iowa Press-Citizen- An Iowa City man is appealing the state’s denial of unemployment benefits due to conflicting reports about how his employment at a local senior living community ended late last year. Robert Gusomano, 57, of Laura Drive, is appealing to the Iowa Workforce Development Appeals Bureau after a dispute about the end of his employment at Regency Heights Senior Living Community, 1010 Scott Park Drive, in December. “I believe that I was treated unfairly by Iowa Workforce Development. I think it was clear that the employer was not telling the truth. I believe that the judge in this case and the unemployment appeal board just kind of covered it up,” Gusomano said. “All I’m seeking is they treat my case fairly. Gusomano claims he was wrongfully fired from his position as a maintenance worker at Regency Heights after an incident that he says occurred Dec. 26. On that day, Gusomano says he was in the Regency Heights maintenance office about 8 a.m. when his immediate supervisor, Regency Heights property manager Stephanie Bell, approached him from behind, began rubbing his shoulders and said, “I can give you something more than your wife can give you,” according to an Iowa Civil Rights Commission complaint dated Dec. 29, 2013. Gusomano said he immediately stood up and told Bell to stop, at which time Bell allegedly placed her hand on Gusomano’s buttocks, moved it between his legs and grabbed his groin area, according to the complaint.

First of all, let me start off by saying I couldn’t find a picture of this boss lady who’s going around grabbing her employees dicks and challenging their wives’ sexual prowess in the bedroom.  I searched far and wide.  It doesn’t exist.  But let’s humor ourselves and operate under assumption that she’s at least a little attractive.  Maybe not Jennifer-Aniston-in-Horrible-Bosses attractive but some kind of hot.  It’s more fun that way.  And even if she isn’t, who cares?  How in the hell is this guy going to turn down an advance like that?  Life is handing this guy the opportunity to live out the fantasy that pretty much every guy on the face of the earth has on a silver platter.  And what does he do?  Live on the edge and go for it?  Happily take the bullet for every red blooded man in the world and go through with it even though he’s married??  Nope, he turns her down, rightfully gets fired for being a pussy and then goes running to the police saying he was harassed.  A sadder display these eyes have never read about.  If the judge on this case has any sense of decency he’ll rule in favor of the boss so no man turns down an opportunity like this ever again.

One more Jennifer Aniston clip from Horrible Bosses for good measure.

God bless her for taking that role in that movie.