Even If Gleyber Torres Is Ready To Play Out Of The Gate, He Should Start The Year In The Minors

Let’s be smart everyone. Yes, Gleyber Torres is the superstar minor league phenom that will be making his pro debut in 2018. Tons of people will be antsy about him grabbing the starting role in Spring Training and not letting go. Obviously this is understandable because he’s supposed to be incredible and second base is vacant with Starlin Castro now in Miami. The writing is on the wall about where he fits within the organization, but I think it’s important to be smart and patient.

Gleyber is going to be fully healthy when Spring Training starts as he completes his recovery from Tommy John on his non-throwing arm. He’s probably going to obliterate pitchers down in Florida like he did last year, but it would be extremely important to wait a few weeks. That’s not to get Torres extra at bats in the minors. He won’t need those. It’s to get another year of control for the top prospect. If you recall a few years ago the Cubs did this same exact thing with Kris Bryant when he was first coming up. Bryant had more hype than Torres because he was dubbed the savior of the organization that hadn’t tasted winning in years. So it drew some backlash from fans. What sitting him an extra 12 days into the season did was gain the Cubs an extra year before Bryant became a free agent. It was an unpopular move, but the right one. With this Yankees lineup being extremely good, 12 days with Ronny Torreyes or Tyler Wade in the lineup is well worth it.

The one thing I saw that made me scratch my head full of fading hair was the possibility of Torres taking over for Didi at short. I’m not sure how much legs that aspect of the story actually has. But the only guy in my mind who has the power to move Gregorious from short is Manny Machado. Torres will fit in nicely at second base while presumably Miguel Andujar or Todd Frazier (if he’s brought back) man 3rd. If Torres moved Didi off of short, where he was incredible the past year, I would be pretty annoyed. I don’t expect that to happen, but it’s something I saw that needed to be discussed.

It’s safe to say I’m giddy beyond belief for Gleyber Torres to make his major league debut and even further bolster his lineup. If he’s anything like the hype describes (a potential .330 hitter), adding him will almost be unfair to the rest of baseball. God Bless Brian Cashman

P.S. Could you imagine if Steinbrenner was on Twitter? One can only dream