Do KHL Team Dinners Need Enforcers? Probably Yes

Welcome to the KHL. Where it is customary for team dinners to end with ambulance rides and the restaurants painted with blood. Just a good ol’ fashion donnybrook in whatever the Russian version of Olive Garden is. Why fight each other on the ice at practice when you can chuck some knucks in front of your friends and family at dinner? That’s what I always say, at least.

To put a face to the names, here we have Andrei Stas.


He’s got those crazy eyes that make you think he’s capable of doing anything. He started his career playing in Belarus. He’s been playing in the KHL ever since 2008-09 and I don’t think he’s ever played in North America. Next up we have Mikhail Fisenko.


The Google image results for him show that Mikhail Fisenko is more of a fighter who also happens to play ice hockey. He had a few years playing junior in the WHL but has been in the KHL since 2011-12.

So far in the 2017-18 KHL season for Avangard Omsk, Stas and Fisenko have a combined 81 games played and a combined 17 points scored. They’re forwards so safe to say this hasn’t necessarily been the greatest year for either of them. What better way to turn the season around than to brawl with each other at a celebratory dinner after a little too much vodka.

Sidenote: I need the soundtrack to that video. Whatever song was playing in the background was pure fire.

Sidenote #2: A little disappointed that people started making such a big deal out of this fight later in the video. I just figured a mid-meal fight was a standard procedure for dinners in Russia. Thought everybody would just remain calm until it was over.