The Cleveland Browns Winless Parade Ended Up Raising $17,000 and Now Over 70,000 Meals Will Be Provided To The Cleveland Food Bank

Well that’s pretty fucking awesome. Some of the players gave the fans a ton of shit about how ridiculous it was they could celebrate mediocrity in that way.

Gimme a break guys. You’re the Cleveland Browns, if you didn’t want this to happen you would’ve won at least ONE game during the season. You’ve got zero right to complain about any of this. This whole event ended up being for a great cause. Raising over $17k is no joke and neither is collecting over 70,000 meals for the Cleveland Food Bank. Shout out to Chris McNeil for doing this the last two seasons despite some backlash. Last year the Browns decided to match the $10k raised in anticipation of a potential parade (Cleveland won their last game), so I suspect/hope they’ll do the same in matching the $17k.

Wanna talk about how to turn a bad situation into a great one? Here’s your example. Good stuff Browns fans, shout out to the all-time ride or die fans

The Bone Lady

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 1.56.08 PM

Big Dawg (not sure if he’s alive anymore)


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Pumpkin Head

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