A Ski Resort Is Warning Skiers About Coming To Their Resort Cause An Angry Owl Keeps Dive-Bombing People

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Central Maine- Pineland Farms is warning cross country skiers about an aggressive, dive-bombing owl that appears to be protecting a nest near a groomed trail.  The staff at the outdoor center in New Gloucester posted warning signs in the Campus Loop Ski Trail area, where the owl recently struck a skier. Instructor Mary Lou Lowrie said she does not believe the encounter resulted in serious injuries. She was unaware of any sightings in recent days. “Owls are very protective of their territory, and she’s doing her job,” Lowrie said. In a Facebook post, Pineland Farms said the owl is most likely a barred owl or a great horned owl. Both types mate and nest earlier than other owls. From January to March, these owls can become aggressive as they defend their territory and nest. Owls are most active in the evening and early morning. “As a recreational property, we value both the safety of our visitors as well as our farm animals and wildlife,” the post said. “With education and appreciation of our natural resource, we hope to provide a safe place for both humans and wildlife to live together.”

DOPE. So dope. A dive-bombing owl is one of the coolest word combinations ever. Why is the ski resort spinning it like it’s a bad thing? They should be embracing this dive-bombing owl in every way possible. A golden goose in the form of a dive-bombing owl just showed up on their doorstep and they’re trying to rush him out the door. Talk about having no business sense whatsoever.

Make the owl part of the ski runs (I don’t know shit about skiing so there’s a 100% chance I use the wrong terminology in this blog. Ski runs feels like the first one). Duh. We shouldn’t have to spell it out for them but we will. Every other ski resort on the planet has the same sales pitch: Come ski down our snow-covered hills! Boooooooooooooring. Snoozefest. This is dive-bombing owl is an opportunity for Pineland Farms to makes themselves different. To separate themselves. Their sales pitch can now be: Come ski down our snow-covered hills! And avoid the dive-bomibng owl as you do so! That’s catchy as fuck. How do I know it’s a good idea? Cause I have zero interest in skiing. None. Not only does it seem pretty dangerous but it also seems pretty boring. Up and down the hill and up and down the hill. Seems repetitive. But toss in the chance I get my dome pierced by an angry dive-bombing owl? Count me in.