Kevin Durant Became The Second Youngest Player To Reach 20,000 Points, Which Other Current Players Have A Shot?

Los Angeles Clippers v Golden State Warriors

Heading into last night Kevin Durant needed just 25 points to become the second youngest player in NBA history to reach the 20,000 points plateau. In the history of the NBA there had been just 43 other guys to do it, with only Lebron being younger

It took Durant 737 games, and of players who averaged at least 25 points per game, Durant has the highest true shooting percentage of anyone, at 60.9%. Here was the play

Say what you want about his decision to join GS and all that crap, but the facts are that Kevin Durant has been one of the greatest scorers of our generation, and that has been true since he first stepped foot on an NBA court. You want to score 20k points? You need to do shit like this

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 9.15.39 AM

That’s a level on consistency you don’t see very often, if ever, unless your name is Lebron.  As you can see, he’s been dominant for a long time

But last night’s milestone got me thinking, who are some current NBA player that have a chance to break the 20k mark? Again, this is a pretty exclusive club, I’ll always remember being there to see Pierce get his 20,000th in person, it’s just a really cool accomplishment. So, with a little research, here’s who I could see joining KD & Co

Russell Westbrook

For me, KD’s old teammate is probably the leader in the clubhouse. As of today he sits at 16,210 points which is 3,790 away from the goal. A guy that plays every game it seems, I think it’s safe to say he’ll score that many more points barring any sort of crazy injury. At his current pace, it wouldn’t shock me if we see him get there in the next 2ish seasons.

James Harden


With Harden this may have seemed like a stretch if you were asked this question during his first three years, but since then he’s more than made up for lost time. He sits at 14,750 as of today, but since becoming the man in HOU he absolutely has the scoring consistency to get there. Like Westbrook, Harden doesn’t really miss a lot of time, and his 27ppg scoring average as a Rocket is plenty good enough. He’s 5,250 points away, and averages just under 2,000 points a season as a Rocket. It will be interesting to see if he drops off at all because this is going to take him into his early 30s to accomplish

Steph Curry

Is it weird that Steph Curry may not be a lock for this? He’s already 29 and is at just 13,870 points. He averages around 1,500 points a season, but if he were to continue his production like he has over the last 6 years, he definitely has a shot. If there’s one player that I’m not to worried about having to score in his early to mid 30s, it’s curry

Devin Booker

Sure his team may stink, but Booker may be the frontrunner of young NBA players to reach this mark. Already averaging 24.9 points in his 3rd year at his 21 age season, all signs point to him only getting better, and even if he stayed at this same scoring level and just played for 10 years, he should get there

Anthony Davis


At 24 years old Davis is nearly halfway there with 8,373 points. He absolutely has the scoring consistency to reach the mark, his biggest question obviously comes with health. Having never played more than 75 games in a season, the only thing that could stop AD from getting there is if he really breaks down as he gets older. If he has another 6 years like his first 6, he’ll be around 2ish seasons away at just 30 years old

Demarcus Cousins

Davis’ teammate has a pretty good chance too, as long as he doesn’t break down either. Boogie sits at 11,342 points, but his scoring average as a Pelican sure would cover it if he was able to maintain this level of play for a few years. It may be a long shot for him, but it wouldn’t shock me if he gets there before he hangs it up

Kyrie Irving

At just 25, there are a couple things that could hold Kyrie back. First, his health. After battling injuries early in his career he’s looked great over the last two years and his scoring marks certainly would cover it if he is able to sustain it. As of now he has 9,221 points and we haven’t even seen him truly unlocked in Brad’s system yet. There’s also the risk that Kyrie pulls a Barry Sanders and retires in his prime, he has been quoted saying stuff like that before. If he is to maintain this level of play over the next 7 seasons like his first 7 seasons, he should have it locked up in his early 30s

Damian Lillard


I want to make sure people don’t forget about how legit of a scoring guard Dame is. Like Kyrie he is at 9,730 points in his age 27 season, and his scoring averages certainly are good enough if maintained. The thing with Lillard is you don’t really have to worry about injuries. This year is the first year he’s really battled everything. What hurts Dame is he got started at age 22, so for him to do it he’s going to have to be really good well into his mid 30s. Might be a stretch, but I could see it

Giannis Antetokounmpo

This may seem like a no brainer given how good he is now, but it’s going to be a battle for Giannis to get there in my opinion. He has just 5,826 points in his age 23 season and he really needs to go on a Durant-like scoring run to make up for those first three years. As someone who doesn’t get hurt this is entirely possible as the last two years in MIL have shown that sort of promise, but it will be interesting to see if he never develops that jumper if he can ever get there

Kristaps Porzingis

Injuries could set him back, but I’m believing in the unicorn. Now that he’s the #1 guy in New York we’re seeing his scoring average be right where it would need to be to get there, now he just needs to do it for like a decade. No biggie.

Dwight Howard


OK, here me out here. Howard is just 32, looks to be in great shape, and currently sits at 17,262 points. He sits just 2,738 points away from 20k, which he could absolutely reach in around 2.5-3 seasons. I think his season this year has changed the narrative on him a bit, and considering nothing about his game really gets impacted by aging, I would almost consider this a lock.

Anyone else you think might get there that I didn’t mention? Let me hear who you got in the comments