The NFL Unveiled Next Season's London Games On Periscope

My Periscope of the NFL’s Periscope with live instant analysis and reaction in a very poor British/Irish/Australian accent that morphs into a Mr. T voice by the end:

And for people that don’t have time for any of that nonsense and just want to know the teams before closing this blog, here you go:

Here’s a dirty little secret for you guys. I love the NFL games in London. Okay, love is a strong word. But I really really like them. In particular the games that start at 9:30 ET. You think ignoring your family for 12 hours on Sunday was fun? Well try ignoring them for basically the entire day three times a year because some likely pretty unwatchable football with weird lighting is on but the fans dress up and do weird shit, so that’s fun. Plus you may have a player that makes or breaks your fantasy matchup!

I also loved that this was on Periscope because people that think the NFL is dying have to try to explain why thousands of people tuned into a video with Osi Umenyiora and some bloke slowly revealing a sliver of the NFL schedule. The NFL treating their schedule like the most important thing in the world always cracks me up. However I must admit that revealing the schedule soccer style by lifting up helmets had all of my attention. If the NFL Network or ESPN really want to milk the fuck out of the full schedule reveal in a few months, they will do it by lifting up helmets.

As for the games, I actually like them. Scheduling the Seahawks game in Week 6 is a little risky because the offense usually still stinks and they haven’t really started cooking on D. If you gave me Week 11 Seahawks, I’d be all in. But by Week 11, the Raiders players may realize that Jon Gruden will be on the team longer than any of them will and getting yelled at for not running Spider 2 Y Banana to perfection will have taken its toll.

In my eyes, Eagles-Jags is easily the best game on this list. The Birds will have their stupid Ginger Jesus back and while the Jaguars have stolen the show this season, I think next year is where they really take it to the limit. And for those complaining the Blake Bortles vs. the Eagles defense is a mismatch for the ages, let me remind you that London Blake Bortles is not your typical Blake Bortles.





Oh yeah, and the Jaguars are 3-1 in London games with Blake Bortles at the helm

I also wouldn’t mind seeing Smitty and Chaps getting weird with whatever nutbags from Philly and Duvall that decide to fly across the pond.

As for Titans vs. Chargers, I got nothing for you. It’s either the Billy Volek Bowl or the Charlie Whitehurst Bowl depending on how old you are. I feel like this game will either be a 12-10 piece of shit or a 36-34 barnburner that nobody sees coming. Either way, I think we can all agree that it ends with Roberto Aguayo missing the game-winning kick for the Chargers with 3 seconds left. Aguayo is definitely the early leader to be the person everyone jokes should be left in London by his team after a loss, with Jon Gruden coming in at 2nd and Mike Mularkey rounding out the Top 3.