Let's Cut The Shit - It's Almost Gameday For The Eagles And It's Time To Get HYPED

2014. That was the last time the Eagles played in a playoff game. Do you know the last time the Eagles won a playoff game? 2008. A pure decade. It gets even more depressing than that: Do you know the last time a team from Philadelphia advanced past the first round in the postseason? 2012. That’s when the 8 seeded Sixers upset the top ranked Bulls thanks to MVP Derrick Rose shattering his shit during Game 1 of the playoffs, so basically they lucked out, anyways. It’s been over 20 individual seasons of Philadelphia teams not even close to sniffing glory.

Yet here we are. The Eagles are entering the postseason at the #1 seed in the NFC while tied for their greatest regular season record ever at 13-3…as underdogs. The only #1 seeded team in NFL history to not be favorited over a 6 seed. No Wentz. No Peters. No Hicks. And it doesn’t matter. It hasn’t mattered all season. If there’s any Philadelphia team in recent history that can overcome literally ANYTHING, it’s this Eagles squad. If a bomb took out everyone on the team bus with shrapnel destroying Mack Hollins on his bike, whoever was left would still bring everything they had to the Linc and fight. I said it before, and I’ll say it again, all the credit in the world to Doug Pederson. It doesn’t matter who has been in there, everyone on this team comes to play, and play HARD, every minute of every game. But it won’t mean anything in the long run unless they close it out when it matters. Time to get those juices cooking.

We all we got. We all we need. It’s time to Cream Green. Delcodelphia chiming in with an impressive effort, too. Well done drunk chaps.

Brian Dawkins at min better be giving a pregame speech or at max suiting up to take the field. Respect is not given, it’s earned. Doggonit.