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No Doubt About It, This Kangaroo Is Sexy

The human brain is a funny thing. It is both extremely complex and endlessly stupid at the exact same time. For instance, that’s a kangaroo. I know it’s a kangaroo. I’m a human. I know I’m a human. So I should be in no way, shape or form attracted to a kangaroo. It’s not my style. Call me old fashioned but I prefer to get aroused by female members of my same species. But then my brain sees that kangaroo sitting seductively and it triggers my brain. What the hell? Human brains (not mine, mind you) made bridges and skyscrapers. Human brains the pyramids. Human brains discovered DNA. Human brains got us to the moon. Human brains created sesame chicken. These are all great achievements. Then my stupid brain sees one picture of one seductive-looking kangaroo and is like, “Would.” Dumb as shit.