Guy Jumps Off A Tiny Ledge For A Fun Birthday Photo, Stumbles, Falls Off Larger Cliff And Dies

Daily Mail- Footage shows Halil Da? leaping down off a rock at the historic Urfa Castle in southern Turkey before losing his balance and tumbling off a cliff edge.

Despite scrambling to grab hold of something to stop his fall, the 39-year-old father-of-eight plunged 150ft, landing near a Kurdish restaurant at the bottom.

He was taken to a nearby hospital in a critical condition but was later declared dead.

Goooooodness gracious. That was insane! One moment, you’re on top of the world, celebrating your birthday:

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 9.49.47 AM

The next, you’re at the bottom of the world, dead as a door nail. I watched this video 10 times and I still can’t understand how he stumbled so far. He lands in the CENTER of that little mesa. The edge of the cliff is like 15 feet away. This dude had to do some WORK to die. Core strength like you read about to stay on his feet, rumblin’ stumblin’ bumblin’ through the loose rocks, straight to the end zone. And by end zone, I mean a pile of bones and meat that looks like someone tried to eat a raw hamburger with bamboo stems.

The irony is that had he stopped trying to stay on his feet, had he just succumbed to gravity, he would have fallen harmlessly to his side. But due to his perseverance, his insistence on walking out of the jump, he grapevines himself right off the edge. It just goes to show: if you’re going to sacrifice your life for the birthday gram, at least bend your knees before the impact. Can’t be stomping that landing like a young Forest Gump before he ran out of the braces.