What Is The Best Movie Jacket Of All Time?

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I recently bought myself a new jacket. I’ve wanted a jacket like it for a really long time, because of the one Han Solo wore on Hoth in ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, my favorite film of all time. I always yearned to tuck a white scarf into a brown jacket with a furry hood…while wearing it on the outside making sure it serves no purpose.

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This got me thinking about the other best jackets worn in cinema history, and there’s just so many good ones I couldn’t let them go unnoticed, so I’ll present some of the all timers and then throw to you guys and ask…what is the best movie jacket of all time?

Indiana Jones – Raiders Of The Lost Ark

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Nothing flashy about this one, but it probably takes the cake for me. Doesn’t get more iconic than Indy’s brown leather.

Marty McFly – Back To The Future

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I didn’t know whether or not to include this one or not, because the red puffy vest is definitely more iconic than the denim underneath it, but KFC said you have to. It was his pick as the all time best.

Jim Stark – Rebel Without A Cause

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My ‘Han Solo’ jacket wasn’t the first time I looked to the screen for fashion advice. The Bruce Lee jacket I was stuntin’ in a few months back was purchased because of the one James Dean wears in ‘Rebel Without A Cause’.

Maverick – Top Gun

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The leather, the patches, the furry inside, pair that with some aviators and Cruise in his prime and you’ve got a snack on your hands. An absolute snack.

Tyler Durden – Fight Club

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Durden’s got the furry coat too, but I’m presenting the solid red leather with the giant collar. Fits that character TOO well.

Neo – The Matrix

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Fun fact: I was Neo for Halloween when I was 6 years old. None of my classmates knew who I was, but the teachers did, and reassured my classmates that they shouldn’t watch The Matrix because it was rated R. Luckily my brother was cool and let me watch whatever he did.

John Bender – The Breakfast Club

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One of the better examples of the man making the jacket, not the jacket making the man. I mean this is just a shitty denim jacket…but it’s BENDER’S shitty denim jacket. So it makes the list.

Travis Bickle – Taxi Driver

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NOT a jacket I’d ever want. I would look way more like a school shooter than usual, and you gotta stay far away from that if you’re me.

Danny Zuko – Grease

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As I threw the T Birds jacket into this blog, a thought crossed my mind…are there people who don’t like ‘Grease’? I’m not a flag bearer for the flick, but I can’t imagine someone hating that movie. Maybe musicals aren’t for you, but don’t tell me you don’t get down with “You’re The One That I Want”.

Driver – Drive

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Gosling may be the movie jacket god, as you’ll come to see in a second. His scorpion jacket from ‘Drive’ isn’t even the best one he’s worn. He blew it out of the water this year. This doesn’t just fall to the wayside, though. It’s a good one no matter how you feel about the very controversial ‘Best Picture’ winner.

Ferris Bueller – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

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Nineteen Eighty Six. That’s all I’ll say about this.

Henry Hill – Goodfellas

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I don’t know if anyone would ever consider this “iconic” but I’ll be damned if it isn’t fire flames.

Bane – The Dark Knight Rises

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Bane’s jacket in The Dark Knight Rises is one of the most intimidating features about him, and that says a lot. Pairs with his strange accent really well and adds more to him than “meathead in mask”.

Star Lord – Guardians Of The Galaxy

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Star Lord has two different jackets, one casual when he’s Peter Quill, one more superhero-y when he’s Star Lord. I like the Peter Quill one the best.

Poe Dameron/Finn – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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One of my all time favorites is Poe Dameron’s that Finn has now claimed. I actually want one of these next.

K – Blade Runner 2049

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Jesus, Gosling is at it again. One of my main takeaways from ‘Blade Runner 2049′, which was one of my favorite movies of the year despite what Dave Portnoy thinks, was that the jacket he wears as K was the coolest jacket I have ever seen. This picture doesn’t even do it justice. Go see the movie, watch all two hours and forty four minutes of it for the jacket if nothing else.

Let me know what your pick is for the best movie jacket of all time on Twitter (@RobbieBarstool) and let me know if I forgot any big ones.