Think You Might Be Pregnant, Fellas? Take A Piss On This Ikea Flyer To Find Out

LOS ANGELES — Ikea’s first new ad for 2018 is interactive. The ad, running in Amelia Magazine, one of Sweden’s most influential magazine’s for women, features a popular item – a crib – and a message that might draw a double take, CBS Los Angeles reports.

“Peeing on this ad may change your life.”

The ad doubles as a pregnancy test. And if the ad does determine the adventurous reader is pregnant, then the now-positive pregnancy test/ad will reveal a coupon

I feel like this could form of pregnancy test could lead to some interesting pregnancy parties. Gender reveal parties are all the rage but what if we stepped it up some? What if we have pregnancy reveal parties? You think you might be with child? Head on over to your local Ikea store, take the big blue bag and fill that sonofabitch up with Ikea Piss Flyers.

Once you’ve got your flyers, gather all your friends around. Chug another bottle of water and put your hand in a warm bucket to really get the piss flowing. Squat over the blue bag. Let her rip.


The next thing you gotta do is wait. Luckily for you, you can wait whilst enjoying a delicious mound of Swedish meatballs! Yum!


15 minutes go by and you’ve downed your entire plate of Ikea Sweedish Meatballs. You had back over to your blue bag which is absolutely covered in piss. You reach in and pull out the flyer. “inte gravid” it says across all of the papers. Not pregnant in Swedish. Sad. You really thought this was the time. You enter into a state of depression. Your friends and family who were there for the piss party all try to comfort you. There’s only one thing that will comfort you though. That’s right, folks. It’s another plate of delicious Swedish Meatballs.