Mets Reportedly Bring Back Jay Bruce On A 3 Year, $39 Million Contract

Barstool’s resident baseball and weight lifting expert Jared Carrabis texted me and asked if I wanted to blog the Jay Bruce news. Since the Hot Stove has been colder than the Night King’s dick and the Mets are owned by poor people, I figured some story about Bruce’s time with the Mets broke. Nope. The Wilpons somehow found $39 million in between between their couch cushions to bring back a bat that was sorely needed in their lineup and end the cold war between agents and baseball front offices. Now the Mets selling Bruce for essentially straight cash homie doesn’t hurt as much. The Indians got Bruce for their playoff push, won a billion games in a row with him, and now he is coming back to Flushing.

I’ll admit that I hated Jay Bruce when he first came to the Mets because Bad Jay Bruce is a goddamn affront to the eyes of a baseball fan. But Good Jay Bruce can carry a ball club for periods. Dizzying highs and terrifying lows. If that’s not the epitome of what being a Mets fan is about, nothing is. I’d worry about giving a 3 year, $39 million to an almost 31-year-old power hitter with Bruce’s profile. Add in that the Mets two best position players are outfielders (when Mama Conforto’s baby boy is healthy and I guess officially our center fielder?) and the infield is in a state of moderate disarray. But at this point, I’ll take any hitter I can get as the Wilpons continue to piss away the last few years of our core pitchers being on the books for cheap. Plus I will forever love Jay Bruce for the most perfect quote to describe the difference between the 2017 Mets and the 2017 Indians.