Rodrigo #HotRod Blankenship's Photo With Quavo Should Make Him The 2018 Heisman Trophy Favorite

To think just this time last year Kirby Smart had no plans of giving our guy #HotRod a scholarship is CRAZY TOWN. Hell, #HotRod wasn’t on scholarship at the start of the season:

Now he’s out here stunting on everybody with game-changing kicks in the college football playoff and pictures with Quavo. From a nerd mocked on the internet to being a part of #GlassesGang. Blanko is making Rec Specs combined with a porn stache cool again #RespectTheSpecs.

I know that #HotRod can only play up the 80’s porn star card so much with the specs and the stache (he needs to respect the women of Georgia, they can only handle so much of the #HotRod), but if we can get him to recreate this beautiful football card I’d buy 1000 of them:


If we could also get a full body one that would be great. Need to see those pink cleats he rocks. Fun fact: Hot Rod only wears one brand of cleat, a Nike design that was released for a limited time before and during the 2010 World Cup. That cleat is no longer made, so since then, he’s had to scour the internet and eBay looking for the cleat. To think that Nike doesn’t just make it for him is unbelievable, but after they see that photo of Quavo and him, I’m sure they’ll change his mind.

**Quavo voice** BLANKO!

P.s. For next season, Blankenship and a few other players on Georgia should make a rap song with Quavo. Sort of similar to the famous 7th Floor Crew song by Miami. Hot Rod could hit us with a series 3rd leg joke like Greg Olsen