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Kirk Ferentz And His Wife Are Beefing With Their Neighbors Over The Paving Of A Gravel Road By Their House........What?

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IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — Iowa Coach Kirk Ferentz is facing a challenge from an unlikely opponent: his neighbors. A Feb. 6 trial is scheduled in a lawsuit that pits the nation’s longest-tenured college football coach and his wife against the three other families who live along a private road outside Iowa City. A judge is expected to decide whether the Ferentzes breached a 2001 agreement and trespassed by planting trees and installing landscaping items that neighbors say encroach onto Saddle Club Road. The lawsuit is part of a long-running dispute in which Ferentz and his wife, Mary, have been portrayed as difficult, stingy and privacy-obsessed, clashing with their image as friendly philanthropists who support the Iowa Children’s Hospital. A judge ruled in September that the Ferentzes aren’t required to join the homeowners’ association that their neighbors formed in 2015 to share road maintenance costs. That freed the Ferentzes from having to pay a $9,400 assessment for road repairs and dissolved a lien the association obtained on their property to collect payment.

PERFECT. This is the perfect controversy for Kirk Ferentz. I gotta be honest. I don’t really understand what it’s about cause the article was longer than my attention span allows. But I do know that Kirk Ferentz being embroiled in a legal dispute over the paving of a gravel road near his house is the most Kirk Ferentz thing ever. A gravel road controversy is the 3-star high school offensive tackle of controversies. Other college football coaches find themselves in all sorts of crazy shit. Recruiting violations, strippers, hookers, drugs, under-the-table money, inappropriate gifts, everything. Those controversies are sexy and appealing to the public because they’re so juicy. Kirk Ferentz? Maybe the least flashy, least sexy college football head coach ever? His controversy is over a gravel road.

That’s my coach, baby. That’s my coach. Iowa Football: we don’t have sexy recruits and we don’t have sexy controversies. Ferentz may be over paid (5.2 million next season! Jeepers!). He may hate social media more than you hate anything. But I’ll be damned if he gets himself involved in a legal battle that people outside of Iowa City are interested in.