After Watching This Suicide Pass Compilation Video, I Can't Believe We Don't Have Semi-Regular Deaths In The NHL

Pretty sure I have a grade 3 concussion after just viewing that video. Holy shit that was a brutal watch. I know “Make Hockey Violent Again” and everything but sometimes you forget about how violent the game is already. We’ve got a bunch of grown ass men wearing body armor that essentially turns them into nothing but human projectiles running into each other at 25 mph. Combine that with the fact that every once in a while somebody is going to get set up with a brutal buddy pass by a dickhead teammate and I’m genuinely surprised we don’t see at least one or two deaths on the ice every year.

And this isn’t even part of the “hockey guys are so tough” shtick. This is just honesty. All of these hits were absolute train wrecks but any one of them could have easily been so much worse. Which leads me to my question… is there any feeling worse than setting up your boy with a buddy pass?

I’ve been fortunate enough in my life to never have to bear that burden. Probably because I was never snapping off any tape-to-tape breakouts. There’s a reason I only blog about hockey and it’s because I’d usually miss the guy by a few feet and end up getting an icing call. But that has to be better than the alternative, right? I’d rather miss on a thousand breakout passes than send one teammate to the fucking guillotine. How do you even look him in the face after something like that? How do you look anybody in the face after that? You almost got your dude killed because you’re a shmuck who couldn’t pick up your head for a split second and see that there’s a murder about to take place just 15 feet away. I don’t know what the universal punishment for a suicide pass should be but we really need to implement one soon.