Season 5 Of Silicon Valley Now Has A Teaser Trailer And A Release Date

Well there it is. March 25th, which is wayyyyyy sooner than I expected. I guess part of that is because I associate Silicon Valley airing after Game Of Thrones. But since Thrones isn’t coming back until the next time Halley’s Comet can be seen from Earth, they can probably pump out a few seasons of Silicon Valley until Dany, Jon, and Tyrion are up to the eyeballs in White Walkers.

While most teasers don’t reveal much about the season, I feel like this teaser is especially the case because the Next Ons for Silicon Valley are the best at tricking the audience. I’m serious. If you rewatch the series, watch a Next On and then the episode. Nothing in the episode goes even close to the direction of the Next On, but I kinda dig it that way.

As for Season 5, we know that Erlich Bachman is gone, which to be honest probably would have ended up being the case after all the recent T.J. Miller news broke. Silicon Valley was on the bubble for me after Season 3, but Season 4 hooked me back in behind Gabe getting extra weird, even for Gabe. Now we get to find out just how poorly setting up a growing company in an office goes. Will they outgrow their space in a matter of months? Will they have a constant shortage of chairs and abundance of garbage? Will the temperature in one room be 1000 degrees yet while the next room is -1000 degrees? Oh wait, that’s Barstool HQ. Nonetheless, I’m definitely excited that HBO will have one of its stars back for March. Silicon Valley isn’t a cleanup hitter, but it’s a respectable 6 hitter that can get on base and drive in some runs.

P.S. I don’t know if this tweet was saracastic or not, but it is 1000000% accurate. Can’t wait to see what the Bitcoin building looks like in the opening credits.