Take 2) Huma Abedin Agrees To Call Off Divorce With Anthony Weiner... WHAT AN IDIOT!

NOTE: I spent 45 mins blogging this and then realized Chaps blogged it an hour ago but then also realized IDGAF (aka I asked Chaps and KMarko what to do and they said definitely publish cuz pageviews >>>) so here we go.

Huma Abedin…………….


First, I gotta ask: you can call off a divorce? What? Didn’t know that. Always thought once you decide to get divorced, that’s it. You’re divorced. It’s like a blood bond at that point — unbreakable. The universe writes you down as divorced and that’s it. You’re divorced forever. Yeah sure you still have to do some paperwork or whatever blah blah blah, but according to the universe you have entered an unbreakable divorce bond forever. Now I’m hearing you can just call off a divorce? What the fuck is that? Is nothing sacred anymore?

Second, what kind of spell does this squirrelly little pervert have on Huma? Makes no sense. The guy ruined her entire life and everything she cares about multiple times over. Sexting chicks, caught, huma-iliated, goes under for a while. Sexting chicks WITH HIS SON in the pictures, caught, huma-iliated, goes under for a while. Sexting UNDERAGE chicks, caught, huma-iliated, goes under for a while… until the damn FBI grabs his computer, finds some emails, reopens the Hillary investigation, and delivers a crushing blow to Hillary Clinton’s (Huma’s boss, hero, and idol) presidential aspirations.

Now it’s a year later and she’s giving this fucking guy yet ANOTHER chance? Amazing. He’s got to either have a massive dick or he dabbles in wizardry and puts powerful spells on chicks. Only possible explanations.