Andrew Jones, Sophomore on Texas Basketball Team, Diagnosed with Leukemia

Jesus, this is just absolutely terrible news. You hear the word leukemia or cancer and your mind immediately goes to the worst place, because cancer sucks. That’s the only way you can really describe reading this series of tweets. It’s heartbreaking to hear anyone has cancer, bu when it’s someone young it just feels different.

Jones missed four games earlier this year due to a wrist injury before coming back for the start of Big 12 play. However, he played just 20 minutes over the two games and expressed that he was fatigued when returning to the court. The mysterious illness at the time kept him out of the Baylor game this past Saturday as he underwent testing. Ultimately, it led to this news.

Now, from a basketball standpoint, Andrew Jones had the traits to be an absolute star. Some thought he would be an NBA player as a combo guard with his ability to score and good size at 6’4″. He upped his 3-point shooting from 32 to 46% while shooting the same amount of threes, another sign that he was developing to that NBA type of player many thought. For Texas, this is a team that needed Jones. He’s their best 3-point shooter and a guy that they could get the ball to and let him go get his own.

Here’s to hoping all the best for Jones, his family and Texas basketball. Really hope we get to see him in the court in the future.