The Lovable Giannis Antetokounmpo Pranked Rookie Sterling Brown By Filling His G-Wagon Entirely With Popcorn

The joy and smile on Giannis face as he gets Sterling Brown with the classic popcorn prank is so genuine. He looks like a little kid who just told the best “your mom” joke in middle school in front of all is buddies. When your a rookie in any league or anything for that matter, you understandably get treated like a little bitch boy. It’s a rite of passage that everyone goes through in life, whether you’re pledging for a frat, joining the league as a rookie, or simply starting a new job you get treated differently no doubt about it. Watching this my first thought is that’s a lot of fucking popcorn. Like how long does that take to clean out? You can’t even eat your way out. I assume you gotta call a cleaning company to get all the popcorn out and that’s a whole process. Well done by Giannis, everyone loves a good popcorn trick, except for the guy getting pranked.

Giannis’ voice is incredible. It’s basically a black Arnold Schwazenegger. The dude is so likable and amazing at basketball I hope he never leaves Milwaukee.

P.S. I’m reading this is not a Jeep and it’s a G-Wagon. I’m gonna be honest I’ve never heard of a G-Wagon before so that tells you about my financial status in the world.