It Would Be Absolutely Hilarious If Derek Jeter Ever Traded Starlin Castro Back To The Yankees

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Of course this is happening because why the hell would Starlin Castro be okay with going from a team that just made a serious World Series run to the most dysfunctional team in all of baseball? There are a handful of teams that could use Castro’s services considering he’s one of the best young hitters in the game today. Castro has two years remaining on his deal for $10 mill and $11 mill respectively, with a club option for 2020 that won’t be picked up. The Marlins most definitely do NOT wanna pay him any of that money considering all they want to do is get under their $90 million payroll wet dream.

So how funny would it be if Brian Cashman gave Jeets a call once again and got back his second baseman for NOTHING? I mean it would cost basically nothing to trade for Castro considering it’d be pretty much a salary dump. The trade 100% without a doubt could happen and keep the Yankees under the luxury tax threshold. To be honest, it’d be an unnecessary move considering the options we have coming up with Torres, Andujar, Torreyes, possibly Frazier and the newly acquired Jace Peterson (last resort-ish option), but it’s an almost “why not?” trade if it costs you nothing but low level prospects.

At the end of the day Castro is an awesome hitter. One of the best 27 year old or younger hitters in all of baseball. He’s a lock to get to 3,000 hits and is the epitome of consistency in the batters box. The big draw back, which really pissed off a lot of fans last year (especially in the playoffs), was his atrocious fielding. He legitimately kicks the ball around the infield and it’s infuriating to watch.

The trade actually makes sense in terms of baseball moves, but it would just be a hilarious “fuck you” deal to show we literally got Giancarlo Stanton for NOTHING. I doubt it happens since all signs point to moving on with the younger crop, but boy oh boy would it be funny.

Update: As I’m typing this, Gerrit Cole just got traded to Houston. That sucks, I was huge on him for years and I think he’s gonna be a monster for them. That staff is fucking nasty with Keuchel-Verlander-Cole-McCullers-Morton. Credit to Cashman for not panicking at all and giving up more than he should. #InCashmanWeTrust. It’ll be interesting to see if the Yankees respond, considering Cole was long seen as a favorite to end up in New York. They very well could be content with their starting rotation along with Chance Adams promotion coming very soon. Or they could dabble into the free agent market at someone like Darvish (rather not) or a buy-low candidate in Lance Lynn.

Update to the Update: Cole trade to Houston now is a false rumor. Fuck this offseason