I Tried To Warn Everybody That The NHL Offside Challenges Were The Worst Thing In The History Of History

An absolutely filthy move from Ryan Strome finished off with Mark Letestu cleaning up in front of the net should have tied the game last night for the Edmonton Oilers against the Nashville Predators. I say should have because this goal was eventually taken off the board after an offside challenge showed Jujhar Khaira’s back skate was mayyyyyybe a millimeter off the ice before the puck entered the zone.


Less than an inch of air between his left skate blade and the ice, but that’s all it takes to get this goal wiped off the board. What makes it even worse is Khaira didn’t have a single impact on this play. As if that millimeter of air between his skate and the ice would give him any sort of advantage in the first play, he still had nothing to do with this goal. He didn’t touch the puck once in the offensive zone and got taken down in front of the net. But since the NHL employs a bunch of fucking bozos for officials who are too much of cowards to make a call on these reviews that takes the play into consideration instead of making these calls like robots, the Oilers remain down 2-1 and that’s how the game would end.

Now I’ve tried to warn everybody about this since the offside challenges were introduced to the NHL. Here are just a couple of headlines from the past year.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 10.53.27 AM

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 10.53.50 AM

The worst thing about constantly being the smartest guy in the room is that nobody ever believes you. When Aristotle tried telling everybody that the Earth was a sphere, nobody believed him. When Copernicus tried to tell everybody that the Earth revolves around the sun and not the other way around, everybody thought he was a moron. And while I’ve been trying to get the offside challenge out of the NHL since the day it was introduced, everybody has tried to tell me that it serves a purpose. But the time has come now for everybody to join my side of the fight.

Now I’ve given these suggestions before but I’ll give them again right now as they’re still as relevant as ever.

1. Get rid of the coach’s challenge entirely. It’s done nothing but create chaos and confusion in the league so far in the few seasons it’s been around. Everybody hates it. If a call is so close to make that it takes 10 minutes of reviewing, then it didn’t really have that much impact on the play in the first place. I get that refs screw shit up every now and then but them missing Jujhar Khaira being a millimeter offside isn’t the reason why this offside call isn’t the reason why Mark Letestu ended up scoring. You can blame Mattias Ekholm for getting walked by Strome for that.

2. You should have to challenge before the goal is scored. If a coach can see a play is offside in real time while the ref doesn’t, then that should be rewarded. But not after he’s staring at all the different replay angles on the tablets on the bench.

I really don’t think there’s anybody in the world right now who thinks that the rule as it is right now is the right one. Especially not Connor McDavid.

Just me and Connor. Two hockey guys with exceptionally good hockey brains.

P.S. – The Oilers suck. What a disappointment that team is right now and Pete Chiarelli has cemented himself as one of the worst general managers the game has to offer. You have Connor McDavid in the last year of his ELC. The last year before he gets his salary bumped up to $12.5M AAV and you find yourself stuck in salary cap hell for the next 8 years. This was the best opportunity for the Oilers to take a shot at the Cup and they’re out of the playoff race by January. Not good.