Starlin Castro Has Been A Marlin For One Month, Played Zero Games, And Already Wants To Be Traded

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Starlin Castro, who was traded to Miami in the Giancarlo Stanton deal, has been a Marlin for one month as of tomorrow, played zero games for the organization, hasn’t even actually put on a Marlins uniform yet, and he wants out. The good news is, the Marlins were already looking to deal him. Like, almost immediately after acquiring him.

Derek Jeter’s master plan to make the Marlins a profitable franchise centers around lowering the team’s payroll to somewhere in the neighborhood of $90 million. Castro is set to be paid $10 million in 2018, roughly the same salary figure that Marcell Ozuna is projected to be paid after arbitration. It was that projected arbitration figure that got Ozuna sent to the St. Louis Cardinals in a trade right after Stanton last month. It would only make sense if the Marlins were to also trade Castro and the $21 million remaining on his contract over the next two years, with or without his request.

So, like I said — the good news is that the Marlins wanted to trade him anyway. The bad news is that he’s Starlin Castro, and the only leverage that he has is that the Marlins would prefer not to pay him $10 million next year. They don’t want to, but can they? Sure, they can. But, again, they would prefer not to, as it would help them to get closer to that $90 million figure, while also affording them the luxury of being able to hang on to a player like Christian Yelich. Like Castro (and probably everybody else on the 25-man roster), Yelich also wants to be traded, but would be a nice piece for Miami to hang onto and build around.

Trading Castro is nothing against the player. Castro’s a very solid hitter, not so great with the glove, but I’m sure there’s no shortage of teams who will have interest in him knowing that he’s available. That doesn’t necessarily mean that a deal will get done, though. What’s he gonna do, not show up to spring training? Sit out the season? Not happening. Oh, you don’t want to play for a dumpster fire organization while they’re actively ridding themselves of their most talented players with no intentions of replacing said talented players any time soon? Join the club, bro. Welcome to Miami.