UCF Releases "Undisputed, Undeniable" National Champions Shirt, Former Oddsmaker Says They'd Be 21 Point Underdogs To Alabama

As I’ve said before, what UCF is doing is both hilarious and smart. They are creating a conversation about the legitimacy of non-P5 football and having a little fun while doing it. Like any joke, there comes a point where you get sick of hearing it. The shtick gets a bit old and the intelligence behind it starts to become annoying. We are slowly entering that area with UCF:

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Having undefeated on a shirt? I’m fine with that. How could you not be? They ended their season 13-0, but having undisputed & undeniable on your national championship shirt? Yeah, that’s where I’m going to draw the line. I still haven’t heard a solid argument for UCF being the national champion outside of the lazy “THEY DIDN’T LOSE A GAME!!!!” take. Yes, UCF did receive four first-place votes in the final AP poll:

Two of them came from voters in Orlando and Nebraska, which should piss a lot of Journalists off about keeping their bias out of it (NO CHEERING IN THE PRESS BOX!). Another one came from a UConn beat reporter and the last one came from a salty Oklahoma beat reporter who still isn’t over the Rose Bowl.

UCF is claiming some championship from the “Colley Matrix:”

I’ve never heard of such thing, but smart move by UCF emphasizing this ranking because anytime I’ve heard of a “matrix” I automatically respect it.

Turns out this site looks like it’s straight out of 2003:

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 11.20.18 AM

Nobody tell UCF this, but the Colley Matrix finished with Alabama at #1 last year and Notre Dame as #1 in 2012. Yes, Notre Dame was still #1 after Alabama proved that they had no backbone, chicken tenders.

The question now is if UCF got a shot against Alabama, what would the line be?

For reference, another bookmaker was asked last year about a line for Alabama against the Browns:


Don’t think I need to say much more.

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P.s. If you want to buy a UCF shirt, don’t spend $29.99. Save some money and defend the stool in the process: