This Lithuanian Rap Song About LiAngelo And LaMelo Ball Is The Lithuanian Song Of The Summer

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 9.31.45 AM

Damn. That shit is fire. Normally I wouldn’t recommend taking a beat that Kendrick used but when you are as good as this Lithuanian godness, you take whatever beat you want and you destroy them. The flow here is… bi?iulis, tai yra gerai.

If the Ball Brothers heading to Lithuania means that my friends here in the ole U. S. of A get more exposed to Lithuanian rap then this whole thing will be worth it. I cant tell you how dope it is to sit back and listen to MC Dexnyz, G&G Sindikatas, or Z E N I T`A Z after a long day at the blogging factory. Check out their smash hit if you dont believe me.

(started as a joke but that shit is actually pretty good)

Last note about the Ball brothers’ rap song.

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