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Jimmy Haslett Officially Back as The Defensive Coordinator!


PFT - Throughout much of the 2013 season, it was regarded as a given that Washington defensive coordinator Jim Haslett would be gone. Before early December, the only question was whether coach Mike Shanahan and offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan would be going, too. The Shanahans are gone. But Haslett officially is staying. According to Mark Maske of the Washington Post, new coach Jay Gruden confirmed on Friday that Haslett will return for a fifth season as the defensive coordinator. “He has one year left on his contract,” Gruden said. “I’ll talk to [G.M.] Bruce [Allen] and we’ll talk to [Haslett] and see what we can do there. But definitely he’ll be back next year as coordinator.”

Haslett is back, baby! Nevermind he’s never had a defense in the top half of the league. Nevermind he’s losing London Fletcher, probably Brian Orakpo, and possibly DeAngelo Hall. And nevermind he absolutely sucks at his job, he’s fucking back! Keeping him around makes virtually no sense. Daniel Snyder changed the dirty diaper off his baby’s proverbial ass, but didn’t finish wiping it clean. The shit is gone, but the skid mark known as Jim Haslett will soil the new diaper. It’s fucking stupid. As defensive coordinator, this is how Haslett has done:

2006 Rams – 28th points / 23rd yards
2007 Rams – 31st points / 21st yards
2008 Rams – 31st points / 28nd yards

2010 Redskins – 21st points / 31st yards
2011 Redskins – 21st points / 13th yards
2012 Redskins – 22nd points / 28th yards
2013 Redskins – 30th points / 18th yards

It’s aggravating. Players don’t improve under him. I don’t get keeping him around at all. Just don’t get it.