Dr. Dre Left The Door Open For A "Detox" Album

I want to be happy about this. I want to get all excited and think that THIS is the year Detox. But the fact of the matter is I can’t. Not after Compton. I was told Compton was Detox and that awful, forgettable album was rap’s white whale. The album that was rumored to be coming out for years, had a billion tracks recorded, was shouted out as OTW ASAP on a bunch of different tracks once Dre found his mojo with the album and vibed with it. I’m not going to get all hyped up based on a response given while Dre was attending a Warriors practice on a random Tuesday. It’s not like Dre was coming out of the studio or meeting with an artist. He was asked a question he probably wasn’t expecting and dangled the same carrot that has given the world blue balls for years. Everyone’s going to get all excited about this answer. But not me. I’ve fallen for this trick wayyyy too many times to buy it.

*Thinks about it for a minute*

Fuck it, if Hollywood can reboot every movie and TV show ever created, we can reboot rumors. I’m excited. Detox in 2004 2008 2013 2018. CAN’T WAIT!!!

Now hit the music!