Grading the Newest Sex Scandal Teacher


New Jersey
A former New Jersey high school teacher accused of sexual misconduct with six teenage boys is now the focus of three lawsuits filed against her and the school district she was once employed at.

Nicole Dufault, 38 … a former language arts teacher at Columbia High School in Maplewood, N.J., for about nine years, was accused of sexually assaulting up to six male students. Dufault, of Bloomfield, was awaiting trial on the criminal charges.

The lawsuits, all filed in the last 15 months, seek “damages for Dufault’s alleged actions and claims she coerced the students into performing oral sex, pressured them due to her authority as a teacher and caused emotional distress and psychological injury,” Tap Into reported. …

The suit claimed Dufault invited students to “hang out” in her classroom during free periods.

The suit stated Dufault “spoke with them about lewd and sexual actions, brushed up again their bodies and touched intimate and personal parts of their bodies in front of other students in the social group.” The suit also alleged the sexual relations between the educator and students were filmed.

Tim Smith, Dufault’s attorney, told Tap Into the educator suffered from “frontal lobe syndrome” and was a victim herself.

“You had a particularly overly aggressive group of students who came into contact with a teacher who suffered from brain damage,” Smith said. … “She also had a home front situation that was troubled with her husband having been arrested and she was taking care of the kids herself. You had a whirlwind of events that led to this victimization of her.”

Dufault, a mother of two, filed for divorce from Drew Dufault in July 2013, around the time the alleged inappropriate incidents occurred, reported. Her ex-husband was arrested in 2015 for burglary and drug offenses.

Well that took a weird, grim, dark turn. Nice going, Atty. Tim Smith. Way to take a perfectly fun story about a teacher casually having sex with six of her students on video and turning it into something ugly. I mean, I respect that a lawyer has to defend his client. But way to kill the buzz with all that talk about brain damage and a family fractured by drugs and crime there, Debbie Downer.

And besides, what does Tim Smith care? The boys parents are going after the deep pockets on this one. The school district. The taxpaying suckers of Maplewood. Sure, Nicole Dufault is named on there. But that’s just legalese. Boilerplate stuff. The first thing they teach you in law school is you can’t get money out of a disgraced, out-of-work former Sex Scandal Teacher with an ex-con ex-husband. Her lawyer owes it to the court to just tell a wild story and let the other attorneys fight over the cash so we can enjoy ourselves.
The Grades:
Looks: I don’t think I’m way out of line if I say I had hope on that first picture. A hope that was quickly shattered by the second and third. She’s Abby Lee Miller of Dance Moms. (Thanks to the Irish Rose for that reference. She’s obsessed with that claptrap.)
Grade: D+

Moral Compass/Bad Judgment: Sex with a half dozen students. In the classroom. Blowies. “Lewd and sexual actions” talk. Rubbing up against them. I’m sorry about that frontal lobe problem and I hope she can get that fixed up. But whatever the reason, I have no choice but to admire the hard work and determination that went into a track record like that.
Grade: A

Intangibles: I guess you could say that classroom sex with high school boys is Nicole’s “Dufault setting.” Hah? Hah? I’ll see myself out…
Grade: B

Overall: C Rudy, I wish I could put your heart into some of these other players bodies.

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