Jon Gruden Slowly Unveiling A Smile As His Contract Numbers Are Read To Him Is Incredible

Unbelievable video. I’ve watched it three times now and I catch more and more happiness from Gruden’s happiness every time I do. We’ve all been here before, in the position where you’re trying to play it cool but the joy just rips through you, like Ace Ventura exiting a mechanical rhino. It happens when for little things like you’re complimented by your boss, or maybe when a girl shows interest in you, hell I used to hide my face when I hit a shot in CYO because I was so embarrassed to be happy about it (I was not great at basketball) soooo you better fucking believe that smile’s coming out when someone reminds me that I just signed a 10 year, 100 million dollar contract. Jon Gruden: a smile on his face, and only this gif running through his brain